SugarCRM Recycle Bin (Lite)

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The Product SugarCRM Recycle Bin (Lite) can save you a heap of time in Restoring accidentally deleted records. You need to fret no longer if any important record is deleted by mistake. Even a chance is a little bit high when your team employees can delete records by mistake. They handle tons of records daily, so it is better to buy the SugarCRM Recycle Bin plugin for your Business record handling. Best of all, there is no long-winded method of getting those crucial records. Save your investment and get back those records in your CRM again. This Add-on is Free of Cost and it is compatible with all SugarCRM Versions.

Features of Record Restore Manager Plugin

People always crave for more astonishing functionalities when buying great products. If you are looking to buy it then please read the key functions below-

  • The first and foremost feature of this product is saving your precious time. It requires one tap only and you can see all crucial records back once again. Thus, less effort to show.
  • If you have this rich product for your record handling then an authorized user can do this process of record recovery.
  • You will get back only those accidentally deleted records that you delete after this product installation in your CRM software.
  • You can see the Summary report to find out the Time and Date of deleted records of your customer. It will also uncover the name of the person who did.
  • SugarCRM Recycle Bin (Lite) enables you to restore deleted records from any modules like Leads, Opportunities, etc.

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